Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Warped Space: Death Cube K

I found the section of the reading, "Morphing the Type", to be particularly interesting because it is where Anthony Vidler first begins to explain how other "new" forms have created new definitions for typolgy through the process of metamorphosis. In particular, he goes on to explain how new forms as a creation of different relationships define modern typologies. The relationships range from issues of scale (macro and microstructures) to abstract relationships between reality and dreams. Through morphosis typologies are created by coexistant relationships that interpenetrate creating new forms. An example of this was the Spreebogen project for the Berlin Parliment competition. Vidler explains that it, "establishes a symbolic center by setting up a symbolic periphery." In this design a platonic circle is broken and disjointed to serve different functions acting off the circle. Therefore, the continutity of the circle broken by interjecting forms creates a symbotic relationship between the whole and its parts and the whole structure becomes a metaphor of the demolished Berlin Wall. In my project I have tried to digitally represent these ideas. Jasons legs are modeled seperately in blue and red but act together to create new forms. From their relationships to each other, new forms in the voids between them are created and together they form a sculptural form resting in the landscape.

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